IoT provides both private and public sector organizations with an unprecedented opportunity to drive new sources of business value such as automation of over 50% of all manual processes, cost level and workflows optimization through remote monitoring and troubleshooting, increased and more effective user engagement and many others.

This value will be added to those organizations that are heavily focused on leveraging and improving their data capabilities and overall agility of processes, not to those that simply connect devices to the network via Internet protocols and APIs.

At the heart of any IoT interaction you’ll find sensors and monitors. In some instances, these sensors will be set up specifically for a particular device or piece of equipment, as with sensors installed to monitor leaks in a facility. In other instances, these sensors could be installed in devices like your smartphone, where the data read through a biometric reader could be integrated with an app that shares information with your treating physician.

Examples of our work in IoT software development include:

  • Field data collection
  • Patient data collection
  • Field sensor monitoring

Our engineers are based in Belarus, Minsk and have worked on IoT software projects for major corporate clients throughout the country.

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